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Dear Competitor: Everyone Who Is Anyone Knows Our Brand

Thu 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

DEAR COMPETITOR: Everyone Who Is Anyone Knows Our Brand | Mark Cook Exceptional results come from our strategic brand. Our brand communicates our strategy to bring clients greater and greater benefit, like milestones on a path to success. The purpose of our brand is to tell clients the story of their success, why they pursue our brand, and what it means. The people we serve know our brand because we make our business clear. We live our brand, so they can live it. We feel our brand, so they can feel it. We passionately pursue our brand, so they will too. We lead this industry and there was never a great leader without a great strategy. And there a great strategy was never accomplished without great leadership. Our brand is the story of our leadership in serving this market.

Speaker(s): Mark Cook has coached 4,000 individuals and leaders at top brands to strategize and innovate exceptional results. Mark's new Windfall Series includes three proven ways to improve any result. Mark is both a New York Times and Amazon bestselling author and has led nine international studies on exceptional innovations, leader strategies, and revenue growth. He has led teams as CEO and executive of sales and marketing, even co-leading C7's tech-exit of $123 million. Mark's coaching, speaking, and workshopping passion was gained early in his career with mentor Stephen Covey.​ Mark is father of five boys with his wife Annika.

Co-Sponsor(s): Davis Chamber of Commerce

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