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Customers for Life - 010 - Corporate Partnership Center - Room 101

Tue 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Topic: Customer Relations

Customer needs exist at two levels – stated and unstated. Surveys and other formal tools such as interviews focus on the stated needs. While there is nothing wrong with that per se, such methods fail to bring out the “real” needs which often lie sub surface. Understanding these “real” needs of the customer is key to winning over their hearts and minds. This is applicable to products and services as well. However, sadly – very few companies take the time to do this properly. This workshop introduces you to superior ways to uncover customer needs and find ways to fulfill them without giving away the farm. You will learn: 1. Three levels of customer satisfaction and triggers for the same 2. How to design your product / service to meet each of these 3. How to set your product / service apart from the competition NOTE: The session involves hands on exercises with a real case scenario. Be prepared to interact and role play!

Speaker(s): Rai Chowdhary / Bryce Hansen

Register: Information: 801-957-5441

Fee: $ 19.97

$19.97 - $29.91

Phone: (801) 957-5441


Salt Lake SBDC
Salt Lake Community College
MCPC 101, Building 5
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