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Selling without Guilt and Stigma - Corporate Partnership Center - Room 101

Tue 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Marketing and Sales

Selling without Guilt and Stigma: The essentials of successfully closing. Every entrepreneur must know how to sell. In fact we are selling all the time – even if we are not running a business. We sell our ideas, products, and concepts to investors, customers, bosses, peers, friends, and even family. It is happening just about all the time, whether by choice or by chance. Without a successful sale, nothing gets done. Trouble is – a vast majority of people do not like being sold to. It reminds them of the cunning salesperson who has only his or her interest (or commissions) in mind. The fact is that every sale requires a close. No close = no revenue! This mini workshop introduces you to the essential elements involved in a close. Depending on the product you sell – the close may take minutes or months, or even more. The basic steps involved are similar, the durations vary. Remember – what matters more is the repeat customer, rather than a one time sale. What is covered in this workshop? 1. Pre-sale sale, and the building of trust – how to do this effectively. 2. Questions that help determine if the buyer is qualified and if you are dealing with the right person and stakeholders. 3. Understanding the customer’s preferences, wants, and needs. 4. The decision timeline and steps to do in between. 5. Post-sale communication and build up to even more sales. 6. What to do if you lose the first sale. 7. Tips on building and keeping your confidence.

Speaker(s): Rai Chowdhary

Co-Sponsor(s): The KPI System

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Fee: $ 10.00

$10.00 - $29.91

Phone: (801) 957-5441


Salt Lake SBDC
Salt Lake Community College
MCPC Building #5 - MCPC 101
9750 South 300 West Sandy, Utah 84070