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A.I. for Marketing - Demystified with Matt Sheehan - Online

Tue 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Facilitated by Salt Lake SBDC
Topic: Managing a Business

GenAI changes the marketing game. Both from a business planning/strategy, and creative perspective. These tools are particularly powerful for small and medium sized businesses, who cannot afford expensive marketing agencies and often take a shot-gun approach to go-to-market. This workshop will help demystify A.I. to benefit your business! About the Presenter: Matt Sheehan is a marketing expert who has worked with small and medium sized businesses throughout his career. Matt believes Generative AI (GenAI) can revolutionize marketing for SMBs. Small businesses often lack the time, expertise and budgets to conduct effective marketing. Too often the result is a scatter-gun approach to marketing. GenAI is changing the game. At GenAI Marketers (, Matt helps SMBs take advantage of AI, improving the effectiveness, efficiency and affordability of their marketing. From building marketing and content strategies, to content generation and measuring marketing effectiveness, Matt's mission is to help small businesses take advantage of GenAI, an incredibly powerful new marketing tool. LinkedIn:

Speaker(s): Matt Sheehan

Co-Sponsor(s): Genai Marketers

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