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Frontline Leadership Training - Meeting Management: Making Meetings More Effective

Wed 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Managing a Business

The Challenge Imagine the “Dilbert” comic strip: Dilbert and a co-worker are sitting at a table. First frame: Dilbert: “There’s no purpose for this meeting other than my boss told me to have it.” Second frame: Dilbert: “So let’s just sit here silently until our time is up.” Third frame: Dilbert: “Unless you have something better to do.” Dilbert’s co-worker: “Not really.” The reason we laugh at Dilbert is because he so closely resembles reality. Frightening reality. Do you remember all the training you had on conducting meetings? No. Neither do we. Meetings aren’t usually taught in schools or companies, yet they waste time, waste money, and increase frustration. We must do something here. The Workshop If you’re not satisfied with meetings you have to conduct, this workshop will help you. Among many valuable topics, the workshop will present new skills: • How to plan an effective meeting. • How to engage only those who need to be there. • How to create and staff an effective agenda. • How to start and stop your meetings on time. • How to follow up on the assigned tasks.

Speaker(s): Kurt Weiland

Fee: $ 98.00

Apply through Custom Fit for a $49 rate for eligible businesses, or cash or check at the door.

Phone: 435-248-1893


Tooele Technical College
Board Room
88 South Tooele Blvd Tooele UT 84074