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Frontline Leadership Training - Speaking Up and Down the Organization: Clearly & Confidently

Wed 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Managing a Business

The Challenge Many, many studies show our greatest fear is speaking in public. We fear speaking in public more than we fear spiders, deep water, and death. (Death! “Oh, wow. I’d rather die than give that talk.”) But there’s a connection between speaking skills and leadership: Winston Churchill. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John Kennedy. You cannot lead if you cannot communicate. The Workshop We’ll explore many key concepts: How to deal with the fears of speaking. How to create, organize, and deliver powerful messages. How to gesture, move, and make eye contact to generate confidence. How to interact with your audience. How to ask and answer questions—again, with confidence.

Speaker(s): Kurt Weiland

Fee: $ 98.00

Apply through Custom Fit for a $49 rate for eligible businesses, or cash or check at the door.

Phone: 435-248-1893


Tooele Technical College
Board Room
88 South Tooele Blvd Tooele UT 84074